Nethawk Auto Dialer software has helped hundreds of companies utilize huge calling data Rapidly

manual vs predictive dialing

Our Auto Dialer software adopts your needs, speed and maps on your business process to close more sales, lead generation, appointments etc.

  • Manual Dialing
  • Preview Dialing
  • Automatic Dialing
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Blaster Dialing

If you are head of marketing department pay close attention. Manual telephone campaign where an agent dials a number by hand only have connection rate of 25%.

This means for every 1 thousand calls an agent makes only 250 of them will actually connect to a live person. So basically with these stats agents are wasting 750 calls.

Nethawk has a better solution for you. With voice and auto-dialing agent will never experience any lag-time when making their calls. How? Our auto-dialer software dials out multiple phone lines and filters out invalid connection. So that agent spend 100% of their time talking to an actual human being. In fact they even don’t have to bother with Answering machines. Since software leaves its pre-programmed message but things don’t end there.

We also reduce telco bill through Skype like services for long distance calls. Our strong partnership with local telcos enable us get you a bulk discounted rate.

Our auto-dialer solution is portable, your agent can use it anywhere where internet connection is available. Once our auto-dialer software is installed on your pc or laptop everything is taken care of. Compared to traditional solutions which are way too expensive. Our auto-dialer software makes agent more productive, accountable and increasing the likelihood of sales. When you compare auto-dialer investment in perspective of agent productivity you will be surprised to know the faster ROI (return on investment).

So if you want to get your business on the road of success consider looking into auto-dialer. It is easy to use. We don’t just sell you a piece of software rather we add real value to your outbound marketing efforts. We train your staff in couple of hours to use it fully.