Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting

The most effective way to get your message across to the people

The marketplace is driven by consumers nowadays, and the fundamental belief about business is that the satisfied customers are always a loyal customer. Though many businesses rely on the telephone calls and inbound feedback from consumers to manage the complaints or questions, sending outbound information to customers to inform them of new products, promotions, services and policies can be an essential part in developing an effective customer relationship. Though many companies believe a successful implementation of the outbound broadcasting campaign can be time-consuming and cost prohibitive, the elevation of cloud-based outbound, IVR solution has made the aforementioned solution available to both small and big organization to allow you to effectively and quickly send out the message to the consumers.

According to a recent report from Datamonitor on the outbound communications, if more companies utilize outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to improve customer service and reduce cost, the hosted Outbound IVR services market will be more than twice from the estimated $213 million in year 2008 to $524 million in the year 2013 in North America only.

Voice Broadcast

We at Nethawk intend explains both features and services rendered with outbound IVR solutions and cloud-based broadcasting, and how organizations can implement them to provide exceptional flexibility in the provision of high-quality customer services and also provide alternative marketing campaign to retain more customers along with lowering the expected cost to instantly help the company’s business.

What are Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting?

Outbound IVR technology is the means by which automated telephone communication is delivered. Likewise, Voice Broadcasting relays telephone communication from anyplace to thousands of call receivers at once. Outbound IVR technology and Voice Broadcasting can both be applied to the commercial and community application; getting to several end users like subscribers, members, employees, constituents or customers instantly. Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR technology in simple term allow you to send information to your whole audience almost instantly.

Voice Broadcasting

With Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR, you can personalize your message to meet your specific needs, can trigger event and you can quickly modify them so that when an event happens, you can attend to your customers needs quickly. Here are few examples of how Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR can pass an essential message to your customers:

Political campaigns

You can use Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR for political broadcasting, where delegates convey their message in a matter of minutes to their list of pre-approved constituents. Whether it is to implement a "go out to vote" campaign, a political marketing or to inform your constituents of how to get in touch with their delegates on vital civil and government issues, Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR present an effortless and cost-effective solution.

Emergency Notification Services

Any emergency notifications starting from passing information to the citizens about weather alerts, potential road construction, missing child alert, school closings, crime tip hotlines, University emergency to general information from community leaders enables facilities and the municipal service departments to quickly inform everyone in an easy Voice Broadcast to reach thousands of citizens in a jiffy. The use of Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR can save many lives and limit the harm to any affected areas.


The hospitality industries, healthcare industries, utility companies and financial institutions alike can profit from Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR. From the past-due reminders to the appointment reminders, it can even be wake-up calls, all businesses can easily and cost effectively convey their message to all of their customers in just a few minutes.

Subscriber Based Marketing

The retailers and all other organizations that are looking to retain more customers that will be loyal to them can create opt-in services for their customers and inform their customers of a loyalty discount, sales, promotions, product updates and more through these channels.

Benefits of Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting

For some organizations, Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR need is driven by a vital event where they need to quickly need to spread the word. Studies showed that telephone calls are far more effective than sending an email or sending the standard mail to get the attention of customers. Notwithstanding, calling a large number of the customer requires a real investment in both personnel and technology. Voice Broadcasting and Cloud-based Outbound IVR is the most affordable channel to communicate with customers and provides a service that live agents cannot achieve in term of cost effectiveness. Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR also offer greater flexibility when it comes to conveying message to your customers. Most Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR services allow you to pre-schedule your announcements and enable your organization to get in touch with your customers during out of office time when the live agents are not available. Therefore, customers can be contacted even at home after their working hours when they are free to answer calls. Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR also provides the flexibility that allow organizations to provide separate message for live calls versus voicemail calls or answering machine calls, with built-in AMD (Answering Machine Detection), the solution which differentiate between the two and play the relevant message to ensure your consumer receive your message whether the call is answered or not. Another benefit is the ability of Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR to deliver messages to numerous consumers of your product and services. What will typically take the regular live agents many weeks or the older predictive dialers many hours to achieve, Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR can accomplish such in a matter of minutes. The ease at which Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR provides a perfect solution for your ongoing message campaign and one-time message you need to deliver to your customers quickly cannot be compared to any other.

Blast by Nethawk

The Blast by Nethawk offers a cost-effective, easy-to-use Voice Broadcasting and cloud-based Outbound IVR. The solution provides you the ability to send bulk message to your audience at a click of a button. From emergency notifications to political campaigns, to subscriber based marketing; what the application can offer you is endless. With the Blast, any organization can set up a successful outbound calling campaign quickly using web-based interface. It requires no coding or IVR experience. It is so simple to set up an outbound dialing campaign, and you can set up your campaign as easy as the following easy steps:

  • Upload your phone numbers in (CSV)
  • Upload your prompt files
  • Click on "Run" to begin the campaign
  • View your campaign results

However, if you don’t properly implement Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR solutions, it can be frustrate your customers. To solve this type of problem, Nethawk has invented Blast with these features and differentiators which classify it from other Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR solutions on the market

User-friendly Interface

On our customer portal, you will find an interface that provides access to the administrator via User ID and password. Our intuitive step-by-step interface procedure guides you through the creation of campaign so that you can create your voice messaging campaigns in a few minutes. Our web-based interface offers you the ability to create pre-scheduled or on-demand campaigns that you can send out immediately or set to run at a later date.

Reliability and Performance

Blast’s standard support starts at 10,000 calls/hour; however, you can request for more calls per hour. Developed in a reliable and scalable environment, Blast makes sure your message is sent as scheduled.


You can upload your personal audio files with ease because we have blended the Text to Speech (TTS) functionality to enable you to create a unique message you wish to send to your customers. It is also possible to customize your message according to the status of the call. Whether the call is live answered or a machine answered, Blast can recognize the difference the two with our AMD (Answering Machine Detection) service, and relay the relevant message, presenting you the opportunity to deliver an alternate message for all the call answer methods.

Call Throttling

This helps you to set your campaign to where it should stop once you get to the number of successful calls you desired. With Blast, you can relay all your calls at once or you can configure your desired campaign call numbers or ports you wish to dedicate to each campaign.


When you are using Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR, it is essential to leverage your business intelligence to create a relevant campaign. With Blast, you will get the full report on your campaign which include statistics on:

  • The number of calls that were made
  • Number of calls answered
  • Number of calls that were not answered
  • Number of messages left on an answering machine
  • Call data
  • Percentage of call completion
  • Call hang-ups

Customer opt-in/opt-out

It is vital that Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR be used to send an important message to your existing customers. So, Blast offers an easy opt-out feature to make your customers happy. Businesses looking to perform subscriber marketing campaign can use opt-in service for all their existing customers to inform them of customer incentives, loyalty programs, new product information and much more.

The simple solution to effective communication

Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR offers a strong solution for greater flexibility in the provision of outstanding customer service as well as providing an alternative means for the marketing campaign to get customer retention and also presents an opportunity to spend less while impacting a business immediately. The more an organization’s customer base increases, the more challenging it is to keep a direct and effective communication with them. The Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR solution from Blast allow organizations to deliver vital messages to their customers cost effectively in a timely manner.

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