Boost the speed of your company's debt collection efforts with a dialer of superior quality.

CX's strong dialers will help you get in touch with more of your customers. Connecting your call with the debtors in a seamless and efficient manner will help you to improve your effectiveness while preventing spending time on laborious manual dialing.

Debt Collection software

What does "debt collection" mean?

The process of collecting past-due debt from debtors is referred to as debt collection. When payments are more than a few days overdue, businesses contact the debt collector. CX's preview dialer shows the information about the debtor to the agents so that they may have a more productive conversation, and the agents get ready to converse favorably with the debtors.


Benefits of using our dialer software for debt collection

Finance Details Safely

Keep your financial details safe.

You should demand immediate payment from your clients. Payment is simple because of our customer-centric business practices. CX's automatic call-planning features make it possible for your representatives to contact debtors on a daily basis. Discover the optimal moment to get in touch with your debtor and boost your chances of being paid back.

Expertise Agents

More Expertise Among Agents

Increase productivity by using auto-dialers to contact more debtors. Now, agents can focus less on manual dialing and more on talking to customers. When a number is busy, an auto dialer will go on to the next available number.

Cash Flow

Companies are going to profit significantly from higher cash flow.

When debts are collected in a timely and effective manner, it improves cash flow and prevents losses. Your time and resources are valuable to us, and we hope you won't use them to go after a debt. Time is saved with our automated dialers, and you can expect to do more in less time.

CRM Integrations

CX Dialer is capable of integrating with your desired CRM system.

CRM Integration

Feature List

Drive your company forward with the outstanding Features of CX.

Recording Portal

The recording gateway will automatically record every call so that the quality of the recordings may be improved. Record more than 100 calls and get a backup copy whenever it's required. You may also access any recorded call history on our system, even if someone has been removed from the list.

Displaying local caller ID

This is a unique feature that sets your business apart from competitors and encourages prospective consumers to respond positively. Even if you are not personally there at their location, you should make your clients feel at ease by giving them their local caller ID.

Multiple dialing modes

Adjust the dialing mode so that it suits your needs. A variety of dialing modes, including power, preview, progressive, and predictive, are available on our dialer. To extend your services, choose the contacts you want to reach and begin dialing using the dialing method of your choice.

TPS/DNC Filtering

There are certain calls that do not fall under the category of marketing calls, and the government will take action against a marketing firm if they conduct these calls. Keep a TPS/DNC-filtered contact list and never call a TPS number from that directory.

Advanced Reporting & analytics

Create client reports with comprehensive features as well as personalize this according to your company demand. Do an investigation into general information on the clientele, including call volume, call queue, typical response time, and the number of calls received on a daily basis.

Agent Status board

Keep an eye on your representatives and assess how well they are doing. With this useful function, you can keep track of each agent separately and determine which agents generate the most sales. See all of the key information in one location, and then take the necessary steps to enhance the company.

Other Products

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Unlike to on-premise PBX that your business maintains, A hosted PBX is on the server of your VoIP Provider, therefore there are no upkeep or maintenance expenses for your business. Hosted PBX is cloud-based, phone calls and lines are conducted entirely online and saving money on hardware.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail is an efficient way of communication that permits the users to send the message directly into the individual voicemail inbox.

Al Dialer

Al Dialer

Optimize your sales with our next-generation Al dialer. It dials leads when picks up the lead then it connects to this lead to an available agent.