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It’s often a difficult task for organizations to successfully run a call center without major or minor hitches. However, corporate organizations in Pakistan are advantaged because they can now leverage on Nethawk’s Inbound call center solution to provide unmatchable customer service to their numerous clients locally and internationally. This is because Nethawk’s call center software has been exceptionally designed to provide users/agents with a comprehensive understanding of their customer’s needs at all times.

The Nethawk's Inbound call center solution was designed to seamlessly integrate with any organizations structure with the ability to serve the highest traffic and deliver unraveled customer service to the hottest lead, giving you the results that you strived for. It doesn’t matter the complexities of the departmental shape, the Nethawk’s Inbound Call Center solution is designed to be flexible and easy to use with exceptional functionalities to manage all your organization’s inbound calls.

Because Nethawk's call center software is hosted over the cloud, the call center agent/user cannot experience network limitations as they have all the features to handle inquiries, complaints, and assignments from any part of the world.

The Nethawk's Inbound Call Software is recommended to organizations and businesses in Pakistan because of its affordable cost of operations which helps to eliminate high operational cost charged by other proprietary software’s on the market.

After Sales Service

After purchase, we guild you all through installation and we also give you a year warranty (input duration) as we assume responsibility for all maintenance and upgrades. Getting our software will reduce the strain on your IT department because our technical staff members will always be there for you.

As a call center manager, you need Nethawk’s Inbound call software comprehensive historical metrics which can enable you effectively manage your call by evaluating the performance of each call agent, campaign, department, team and entire organizational data.

Procedure To Implement Nethawk’s Inbound Call Center

First Step – provision of tenant – cloud or on-premise integration which can be used to operate the call center without the installation of Java-based applications.

Second Step – online Frog-jump program designed to teach managers how to create new agent accounts, upload IVR messages, define call flows and establish queues.

Third Step – after set up, you can integrate more than 800 numbers for a start and your call center is ready.


Integrated Business Tools

Nethawk is integrated with unique business tools that enable the agents to have a comprehensive overview of the customer. This is one-of-a-kind software that can be integrated with third party software like Zendesk, Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc. to give the agent a 360-degree view of the customer. With the exceptional customization features of Nethawk software, the agent can have access to the customers call logs, previous tickets, cases, chat transcripts and more. This will enable the call agent to be more effective and efficient in handling customers complaint.

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Reduced TCO

The Total ownership cost of other software’s will be drastically reduced as Nethawk’s software can be integrated into different platforms. This will reduce the organization’s operational cost and also increases the average response time of the customer service department.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is everything in our call center solution, focuses on technology, people and process. If you adopt following things in your organization your customer experience will get better in many folds.

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Achieve Customer-first Culture to Know your Customer

Knowing your customer at first contact is very important. It makes customer feel that he is important. Our inbound call center technology help your CSR greet customer by his or her name, CSR knows caller issues, trouble tickets, and products or services he/she bought or have subscription. All in one screen in unified manner.

Don't Place Callers on Hold Indefinitely

On other hand putting your customers' calls on hold can be annoying and frustrating. Our CX inbound Call center solution keep a close check on CSR so Call Center supervisor knows which CSR is putting caller on hold beyond organization norms. Holding a call is normal activity our system wont make it boring for your customer it can lay relevant MOH (Music on Hold) advertisements and useful information.

Improve Call Routing for Efficient problem Resolution

ACD Automatic Call distribution, is an important strategy in customer service, especially during peak call traffic hours. Ensuring all calls go to the right departments can give ultimate first good impression to caller, and adding their overall customer experience. Our CX system for inbound call center is comprised to chief components Voice AND ticketing System, both lightly integrated make a good combination on both fronts. ACD that mean calls goes to the right person and second it gets resolved as quickly as possible.

Request Feedback to Install a Sense of Belonging and conduct surveys

When you ask your customers how they feel about the services they consumed, you show them that you care them after sales and after telephone call support. They feel valued and can lead to a greater affinity to the brand. One way to do is to ask them to give feedback score after call. You can also create a short Computer-assisted survey with and without human involvement. Our CX inbound system has in-built capacity to create survey and produce useful reports of survey results

24/7 Support

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Optimization Of Customer's Experience

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The overall productivity of agents can be improved for when they make informed decisions thereby optimization customers experience and satisfaction which contribute to the bottom line of the company. With Nethawk's unique inbound software, agents can receive calls from their desktops while processing customers requests. This will significantly optimize customers experience.

Uninterrupted Service

The resilience and durability of Nethawk's Inbound call software enable agents to enjoy uninterrupted services – with in-built capabilities to store data in case of hardware failure or network failure. This will enable any organization to provide 24/7 customer service to their numerous customers.

Real Time Metrics Capabilities

The real-time metrics feature of Nethawk's Inbound calls software provides adequate data to the agents like average wait time, longest wait time, number of available agents, etc. it's a favorable utility feature for call center managers who may use it to make strategic in-the-moment decisions for the betterment of the company.