• Manage how customer interact with your company
  • Monitor performance and enhance productivity
  • Deliver results to exceed customer expectations
  • Increase agent performance by giving right tools
  • Critical reports on your fingertips, alerts etc send over email
  • Remote access through web browser

Our Call center suite and related tools enable you manage call center easily. You can enhance performance by constantly monitoring your call center performance, Call center managers can also make future forecasts of workload and can adjust capacity accordingly. Real-Time reporting help manager tweak outbound inbound campaign on the go.

Optimize Call center scheduling and staffing

Human resource can be 70% of total operational costs. Therefore it is important to manage human resource in a call center. There are different ways to manage it, chief among them are:

  • Shift management
  • Workload Management
  • Scheduling
  • Team performance

Call Center Management for Agent Performance

Once you can measure agent performance it become easier to identity gaps. By measuring agent performance against organization goals. We can design a training program for agents. This will improve their performance and reduce hiring costs by retaining them. We have unique key matrices that will translate quantitative results in qualitative results.

Manage Call Center Metrics

In order to manage call center more effectively it is critical to understand day to day reporting. Sometimes measuring against your performance is not enough. You have to measure performance against industry benchmarks. We offer over dozen industrial standard key matrices to help you manage your call center in real-world.

Manage your Call Center remotely

Through web browser you just don’t view call center reporting but you can also manage things on the go. Even from Your andriod phone you can do queue management, can change dial levels. Or manage drop ratio so on so forth. No matter where you can you can stay involved with your call center.