Reduce cost-per-call and increase response with our interactive voice response IVR solutions

Conversational IVR

Increasing Call volume or peak calling hours is always a challenge in call center. All the customers doesn’t need to talk to human. Common tasks and customer quires that traditionally solved or addressed by human now can be done through self-service concept of IVR. By using IVR systems you can free up your agents while satisfy them through self-solve basis like checking account balance or internet quota, pay bills etc.

Salient features of Our solution

  • Calls back to your customer if customer select an option in busy hours
  • Caller can chose between self-service option or "talk to an agent"
  • Fully integrated with our CRM and ACD
  • Centralized IVR system for all your offices
  • Easy to Edit IVRs and their follow tree

How Nethawk can help you build better IVR?

Every day enterprises adopting more and more channels such as web text messages and social media to serve customers but cost to the IVR are not decreasing in fact IVR call volume is increasing and it turns out those callers are irritated because by the time they call the IVR they have already tried and failed to solve their issues on multiple other channels and while you have invested in developing digital channels the IVR has become more antiquated and its broken.

Traditional IVR are rewind on push button technology and complex menu mazes that confuse customers. Instead of directing them toward answers causing half of people to instantly press 0 to talk to an agent your most expensive asset. This not only further angers customers who would rather solve issues on their own but it also drives up cost to the businesses and annoys agents.

Businesses need a cost efficient way to cut through the complexity out of the IVR and solve customer issues faster. Fortunately there is a better way to satisfy customers and lower cost. The answer is "conversational IVR". Conversational IVR provides human like interaction for more personalized self-service. Customer experiences powered by natural language understanding. Customers can use their own words and the technology can accurately capture their intent. Predict why they are calling entrust the matter at hand. Dual way with complex menus, conversational IVRs can seamlessly welcome customers, understand complex request and anticipate customers need to complete business transaction and resolve customer issues faster, easier and with less effort.

Businesses using new answer conversational IVR technology have seen a 45% reduction in agent calls, 50% improvement in call routing, 53% increase in caller’s satisfaction and significant cost saving with less than 3 months return on investment. Thats why leading companies across industries turn to new wants to create the better experience for their customers. Turn your IVR from a liability into a lifeline with conversational IVR.