Nethawk is a leading provider when it comes to innovative solutions for unified communications over IP networks. Nethawk enables the global telecom operators accessories manufacturers to produce and deploy a progressive and revenue-generating application which delivers value added services. We are recognized as a leader that can be trusted in the carrier application market. With over 16 years experience, Nethawk is synonymous to development expertise and system integration excellence. Nethawk enables equipment manufacturers, and global telecom operators develop and deploy outstanding and revenue-generating applications that offer value-added services to the people. With our experience, Nethawk has deployed more than 300 systems to over 180 customers in over 92 countries.

Our portfolio includes IP PBX deployment, Call Center solution, voice blast, video conferencing solutions, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, site-to-site networking, fiber optic deployment and so on. We connect the unconnected.

Our company headquarters is in the Islamabad Pakistan, while our sales and support team are scattered all over the world. Do business with us today, and we’ll connect you with unconnected.

Our Team

Director Marketing

Name: Rao Shaharyar Khan