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The integrated public address solution provides you an excellent choice and complete freedom for public address, announcements, unrestricted messages, and emergency communication. Fanvil PA2S and PA3 SIP paging gateway is the top-notch solutions for public address solution that comes with multiple features best suitable for broadcasting, recording, monitoring, and intercom. Both PA2S and PA3 SIP can be applied in hospitals, shopping malls, plazas, educational institutions, campuses, bus stations as well as railways stations.

Fanvil PA2S for Emergency Intercom

The unique and user-friendly input-output interface of Fanvil PA2S is specifically designed for intercom in case of emergency and catastrophe. Features like Infrared probes, buttons and switches allow PA2S to trigger barrier rods, as soon as it recognizes the remote access control.

The control center is one click away from the people who jammed at the parking lot. The control center, on the other end, can view the real-time video images using the Fanvil A32i console IP phone and permit the people to leave within no time.


Fanvil PA3 for Public Broadcasting

Exceptional features of the Fanvil PA3 paging gateway make it excessively effective for public broadcasting. USB, TF Card interface of Fanvil PA3 paging gateway allows you to save a huge data of audio files making it entirely operative for public broadcasting.


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Model PA2S PA3
Application Emergency Intercom Public Broadcasting
HD Audio G.722 Opus G.722 Opus
Camera Via External Accessories x
Built-in Electric Ray 1 x
Short Circuit Output 1 x
Short Circuit Input 1 x
TF Card Reader x 1
USB 2.0 x 1
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