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Nethawk has developed a very powerful, integrated and enterprise grade CX Call Center appliance. Appliance comes with per-installed call center suit. You don’t have to worry about finding a call center software. We take care of all updates and keep it secure and bug free. Under SLA contract Nethawk offers 1 year hardware warranty of CX appliance.

Our CX appliance is compatible with SIP trunks, PRI modules and simple traditional Telephone lines. Appliance designed under different SKUs for specific customer needs. Same appliance used as fail-over mole model active/passive or active/active so on and so forth. We are also providing Disaster recovery (DR) service in UK datacenter or otherwise in Pakistan at distant cities.

CX Call center appliance is headache-free fast deploying system we can setup your call center as short as within few hours. It is 1U and 2U appliance that fits in your data rack, appliance is having state-of-art components enterprise level SAS drives and built-in RAID for better reliability. The good thing about this appliance is our offering of replacement warranty can ship same day to you if one of your appliance fails.

Nethawk CX Call center Appliance is solution in 1-box or as cluster which enable us provide you solutions faster, cheaper and in better way. Nethawk continues to achieves cost-leadership in industry Please call us for consultation for purchase of appliance.

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