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Our VoIP service works on Mobile Phones, Smart Phone or any Wifi IP Phone. All you need is just an internet connection. It could be your GPRS or Wifi connection. Just download VoIP software and start making cheap international calls.

Below are some VoIP Calling Software which work perfectly with our VoIP Switch software.

Free and open source license

Sipdroid for Android

  • Written in: Java
  • OS:Andriod

You can download this softphone from Andriod Market.

Sipdroid is a voice over IP (internet protocol, VoIP) dialer for the Android Phones. At same time two SIP accounts can be used. Sipdroid interfaces with Android's default dialer application and optionally asks the caller to make an outgoing call using Sipdroid or the GSM/3G network.

Linphone for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry OS

You can download VoIP dialer from here. A nice feature phone for Andriod, blackberry and IPhone. You can import existing contacts to Linphone. It also allows you to forward incoming calls to a SIP account.

CSipSimple for Android

  • Written in: Java, C/C++
  • OS: Android

This VoIP dialer comes with fancy GUI and support additional themes. it has ability to record calls. A perfect phone for Andriod based phones.


  • OS: Windows. Linux, Mac, IPhone and Windows Mobile Phone

It can be downloaded from here. Zoiper is SIP and IAX (IAX is not blocked by many ISPs) supported softphone for PC and Mobiles. It is very easy to use but bit difficult to setup. Here is example of setting up VoIP Accounts in Zoiper.

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