Nethawk (Pvt) Limited incorporated in 2008, is a global provider of IP communication and Call Center solutions and technologies.

With a core focus on Asterisk, we are MSP (Managed Services Provider) to our clients. We provide professional consultancy, system deployment and customer support. Our ultimate goal is to save our clients time and money while increasing efficiency, productivity, and bottom-line profit.


“Our Vision is to go long term with our clients, helping them to adapt the latest business needs of the digital world by simplifying the use of cutting edge technology, minimizing their operational costs and maximizing their success.”

In our vision, we see:

People experiencing our products, solutions and collaborating in their communities and around the world discuss us as respectable, honest and authority in industry. Software that is legally free, secure, industry tested and proven.

A project that is socially responsible and overall betterment of  society.


“Our Mission is to deliver the highest value with our video and voice over IP communication platforms for our clients”

In our Mission we see:

Our clients are real people rather then users of system.

Communication Platform is dependable and vendor-locking free. Where in our vision it mean empowering people. Highest value means communication platform must be flexible enough to adopt all latest trends in communication technology and customizable enough to go with client changing needs.

Key Values

  • Freedom
  • Equality
  • Trust
  • Community
  • Usability


We wish to give people the freedom to use, copy, modify and distribute the code and protect those freedoms using the GNU/GPL. Freedom really mean empowering people not locking them in any of business model. Our clients can make endless choices to practically convert their ideas into reality.


We don’t discriminate our clients. Whether they come from other country or local we deliver same. Age, race, gender or religion doesn’t matter in working with our clients.


In real world things always doesn’t work out as planned. We always present “reality version” of things we intend to do in our good faith. We do not propose solutions that are easy for us to do but we propose solutions that fit best for our customer. It is very important for both parties to start a relation with “Trust” we guarantee you never regret it.


Most of our leads come from referrals and repeating customers. The professional community of honest people as our customer is everything. We see our customer base as community. Whatever we do we do it as a strong cohesive community.


We believe our solution is good when our customers find it easy to use. They pay us to make things simple and workable for them. We focus more on technical support and training to transfer technology as information, material and expertise unit everything bit of solution become usable for them.