Advantages of VoIP Phones

Advantages of VoIP Phones

The alternative to Analog telephone is VoIP Phone or IP Phone. So what are VoIP Phones and how they are better than traditional telephone. Here are some features and benefits that makes VoIP Phone better choice over Analog Phone.

Better Voice Quality

VoIP Phones use Voice over IP technology means they use your computer network or Internet and Voice is digitized so there is no packet loss whatever voice packet is sent over network is received exact.


Rather than having a hard telephone wire fixed in premises. VoIP phone work anywhere as long as internet or intranet is available. Rather then telephone exchange it works on internet phone service also known as VoIP Providers.

Cheap Calls

It is so cheap even you can make free VoIP calls. VoIP to VoIP Free services are abundant on internet market like skype, google voice etc but you can call actual landline numbers cheaply.

IP Phone to IP phone Calls

Many IP Phones (including Video IP Phones) can work without IP PBX they may offer limited features but can be used for calling between two near or distant locations.


VoIP phone no longer domain of big businesses. VoIP prices are decreasing every year Like Cisco SIP Phone released SPA500 and SPA300 series targeting small and medium businesses. IP Phones are becoming perfect telephone for business. Moreover VoIP Phones saves your separate wiring cost they are act as bridge between your LAN cable and
PC port. No additional wiring required.


There are many advantages of VoIP for business. VoIP Phones offers all the features a business need like call waiting indicator or multi lines (Many VoIP Providers) can be added. Voice mail indicator, distinct ring tones.

Easy to setup and use

Voice over internet Phone service offering companies often offers pre-configured SIP Phones or They have made it incredibly simple for first time users to set up and running VoIP services. It is well document 4 or 5 steps perhaps easier than setting up aDSL router.